NAPMA is located on the Joint Force Command Brunssum facilities in the Netherlands; approximately five kilometers from the German border and the NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen where the E‑3A fleet is stationed.

Newcomers are invited to visit the following sites for additional information on the services available in NAPMA’s vicinity:

Newcomers Guide Joint Force Command Headquarders Brunssum

Newcomers Guide E‑3A Component Geilenkirchen

Please note that the above guides have been developed for JFC Brunssum and NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen personnel respectively and some of their content may not be applicable to NAPMA staff members.

United States Garrison Schinnen

Plan My Move Booklet for Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base

General information for staff serving in international organization located in the Netherlands can be found at:.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

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