Selection Process

Employees of NAPMA are recruited from among the nationals of the NATO-member states and selected on the basis of merit. NAPMA welcomes applications from all suitably qualified candidates and commits to treat them fairly, transparently and without discrimination. The confidentiality of personal details will be protected and the privacy of applicants respected.


All received applications are screened on the basis of the information provided in the application form, taking into account qualifications, training, competencies and professional experience.


Pre-selected candidates will be contacted for an interview. In certain circumstances, they may also be required to complete a written test to assess technical or specialist knowledge.

NAPMA will cover reasonable travel costs in accordance with the NCPR’s.


Once interviews are completed, a report written by the interview panel is submitted to the NAPMA General Manager with recommendations. Upon the General Manager’s decision, the Human Resources Office informs interviewed candidates, in writing or via e-mail, of the outcome of the selection process.

Final Formalities

The selected candidate will be informed in writing of the result and of the remaining formalities that need to be completed prior to being hired.

  • Security Clearance. A valid security "clearance", at the appropriate level for the "post", must be received by NAPMA before employment can begin. This formality is carried out by the candidate’s national authorities, upon NAPMA’s request. The time required to obtain a security clearance can vary.
  • Medical Exam. Soon after reporting to NAPMA, new staff members are required to undergo a medical evaluation by the NAPMA Medical Advisor for an overall health conditions assessment.

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